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Quality products for the discerning taxidermist.

Buy Lyrica online australia, Buy Lyrica usa

The texture of many of the specific woods featured on our website are shown below.

Would you like an item in a different wood or finish?

We can tailor any of our products to fit your individual needs.

Inquire about specific woods not pictured here such as lyptus, birch, alder, cherry, mahogany, maple, teak, beech, etc.

Image showing texture of oak wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products

Buy Lyrica online australia, Buy Lyrica usa

Image showing texture of walnut wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Wenge wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Bubinga wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Paduk wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Sapele wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Oak plywood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products

Oak Plywood

Image showing texture of Zebrawood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products


Image showing texture of Hickory wood used to construct McGrath Woodworks taxidermy pedestals, mounts, and other products